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A Beautiful Hotel Bar from the La Descarga Gents

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When you’re walking down a hotel corridor at night, you’re steps away from endless possibilities:

Premium cable. Little soaps. A secret entrance to a stunner of a nightspot unlike anything you’ve ever seen...

Creak open the door to No Vacancy—it’s an old-hotel-themed bar from the La Descarga guys, it’s actually sort of mind-blowing, and it’s opening Tuesday in Hollywood.

Okay, so here’s what’ll happen:

You’ll walk into the discreet side door of an old Victorian house. That house now resembles an illicit 100-year-old hotel.

You’ll work your way upstairs and down a dark corridor, past a bunch of locked rooms. We’re sworn to a bit of illicit-hotel discretion—what happens behind closed doors, etc.—but at this point, let’s just say you are steps away from discovering an otherworldly night of gin and phonographs and garters.

You’ve got a lot to explore here. There’s the parlor, with Oriental rugs and a crackling fireplace. The gas-lamp-lit courtyard. The tufted-leather photo booth hidden under a staircase. And the China Doll in your coupe glass—there’s gin, jasmine water and coconut jasmine cream involved. And yeah, given the pedigree here, you can expect some surprise performances involving impressive dexterity.

Maybe even from other people.


No Vacancy
1727 N Hudson Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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