Nest Laid Plans

Sharing a Hotel Suite with a Stranger

None Your rules on strangers are simple.

Don’t talk to them.

Don’t take candy from them.

And don’t invite them to share a hotel suite with you while you’re in Austin for business.

Side note: some rules were made to be broken.

Stop hogging the covers for Easynest, a new website where you and people you don’t know very well (yet) can go halfsies on a hotel room together, online now.

All this is: a perfectly reasonable way to save a few bucks and make a new friend while traveling solo on business. And that’s it. There could be no other possible reason for this to exist. Right? Right. Moving on.

So say you’re attending the 2013 International Log Flume Expo in Vegas (and say the 2013 International Log Flume Expo existed). You could stay in that corner suite for the weekend by yourself... or you could do the polite thing and go to this site, create a profile and offer up your extra pillow to a fellow traveler... See, not creepy at all.

And that’s it. You’re done. Check back later, and you’ll receive a message if someone’s interested in bunking up with you.

Hopefully they’re cool with being the big spoon.

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