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This Website Will Deck Out Your Office

None Look around your office right now and tell us what you need.

Just throw it out there.

Banker’s lamp. New leather chair. Mahogany bookends.


Now let’s get all that stuff delivered to your door.

Meet Mobilegear, a new webstore that will happily deliver anything your office is missing and/or didn’t even know it was missing, online now.

Right. So this is pretty simple. It’s a website stocked with all the objects you need on a day-to-day basis. Like Post-its and iPad workstations. And a bunch of stuff you don’t need, too. Like heated footrests and little machines that dispense Twizzlers Nibs. (Fine. There’s no Nibs machine. But that’s crap. There should be. Maybe write them. No, don’t. Moving on...)

Take a look around your environment. Really size it up. Then jump on the site and start ordering things. In just a few short days, they’ll have your wireless headset with a noise-canceling microphone and digital sound processing right out to you.

Or probably just Post-its.

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