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A Floating Bunk Bed for Camping

None Soon, you’ll go camping.

And soon, someone who is not unattractive will probably go camping with you.

You’ll need a tent.

A floating one. That doubles as a bunk bed. And comes with a full-time butler who lives on the top bunk.

Good news: we’ve got you covered.

Bad news: it’s BYO butler.

Behold the Sky Tent 2, a hammock/tent hybrid conveniently equipped with two levels of sleeping space (so... bunk bed tent), available online now.

To best understand what’s going on here, picture a bunk bed. Now picture it being a floating blue tent instead of a bunk bed. Now picture it being a hammock instead of a tent. Now forget everything we just said and look at that picture up there instead. Yep. That’s the one.

After arriving at the campsite, you’ll find some trees. You’ll hang it. You’ll climb in and do tent things. And that’s pretty much the gist here.

As for that extra level above you... well, that’s yours to do with what you please.

(Butler. Go with the butler.)

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