Things to do for June 13, 2013

The Weekender

Wayne’s World, Paella and a Father’s Day Donut

The weekend will turn this car around.

Martinis and Tacos at a Raucous Piano Bar

Martinis and Tacos at a Raucous Piano Bar

Next time you and your friends head to Don’t Tell Mama—that infamous cabaret club with an infamous-er open mic—your drinks and food are half off. Your other Perks: 57% off one-on-one Formula 1 race training at Allen Berg Racing Schools and 30% off some stunning, limited-edition bikes. Get racing...

Spanish Nights in Santa Monica

Spanish Nights in Santa Monica

So here comes a new Spanish place called Taberna Arros y Vi. What you’ll do is, you’ll go here and eat big bowls of local-farmers’-market-y paella, drink a fair amount of Spanish wine... and decide what this place’s nickname is going to be. Maybe just Taberna. Or Arros. Or Vi.

Barbers. Beers. Father’s Day Gifts.

Barbers. Beers. Father’s Day Gifts.

If you haven’t picked up a Father’s Day gift yet, head to Mohawk General Store’s new spin-off, Mohawk Man, tonight. There’s a party with exclusive Imperial shave kits all packaged and ready. Get a beer while you’re there. And a haircut. And a shirt. Just don’t forget the gift part.

Jun 13, 6-9pm, haircuts $40, Mohawk Man, 4017 W Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake, 323-669-1601, see the flier

Tonight in Silver Lake: Wayne’s World

Tonight in Silver Lake: <i>Wayne’s World</i>

“Dream Weaver.” “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Mullets. All experienced quite the renaissance period when Wayne’s World hit theaters. Tonight, it’s showing outside in Silver Lake, kicking off a new screening series. Bring some food and a (covert) flask. Then smile knowingly when you start seeing more ironic mullets at Intelligentsia.

Thursdays starting Jun 13 (biweekly), 8pm, Silver Lake Picture Show, at Sunset Triangle Plaza (Sunset Blvd at Edgecliffe Dr)

10pm: Happy Hour at Tom Bergin’s

10pm: Happy Hour at Tom Bergin’s

Well, this is unexpected: go to Tom Bergin’s any night after 10pm and you’ll find... a new late-night happy hour situation. (Yes, any night.) This involves $1.50 beers, $5 burgers and stout ice cream sandwiches. And you consuming those things.

Nightly, 10pm-close, Tom Bergin’s, 840 S Fairfax Ave, 323-936-7151

For Dad: Donuts and Beer at Bouchon

For Dad: Donuts and Beer at Bouchon

There’s a lot of pork happening on Sunday at Bouchon. It’s a whole Father’s Day thing. No matter what everybody orders, pork or no pork, Dad gets a pilsner and a jelly donut on the house. But, like, a Bouchon-style jelly donut.

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