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A Table Service Concierge in App Form

None Fade in: it’s Saturday night.

You’re at dinner with the top brass from the Midwest.

Without warning, one of them springs the idea of tasting the sweet waters of the local nightlife. Table service is mentioned. Everyone nods in agreement.

The problem: it’s 11:16pm. You’ve got eight people in tow. And nary a table has been reserved.

Oh, wait. You’re good. Because... Tablelist. It’s a Boston-based app that’s basically like OpenTable for bottle, er, “table” service (you know, blue laws and all). And it’s available now in private beta.

So instead of letting CFO Percy Whipple from Milwaukee down with some “had I but more time”–type apology, just open the app.

You’ll see a live-updated breakdown of unreserved tables at local venues throughout the city. The Estate. Minibar. Emerald Lounge. Yes, even... Foxwoods. No calling the place, no having to charm the hostess (although that’s certainly still optional).

Just search what’s available at that moment, send a picture of your credit card and book it. At which point, your reservation will be sent directly to, say, Storyville’s doorman, who will be waiting with open arms 10 minutes later.

Well, crossed arms, probably, but you get it.

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