Good Find

An App That Helps You Find Stuff

None Maybe in a bar. Maybe in a cab. Maybe in a tree.

Who knows.

The point is: you lost your pants last night and you’re not going to rest until you’ve found them.

So maybe you need some help.

Meet Crowdfynd, a Chicago-based social-networking application that turns the entire city into a search party for whatever it is you’ve lost, available now for iPhone.

Think of this as the old lost-and-found poster you’ve seen on countless bulletin boards and telephone poles. Only it’s been mated with a GPS.

So say you lose your keys at Millennium Park—entranced as you often are by some early-morning outdoor Zumba class. With the app’s geolocator, you can alert any other people in the area to help you look (assuming they have the app, of course). When someone finds it, they’ll alert you via the app.

On the other hand, when you find something—a lone velvet glove, a single glass slipper, a digital camera with several highly imaginative selfies—and you feel compelled to find the owner, just post a picture of this precious object and click the map to indicate where you found it.

Go ahead. Take a minute with the selfies first.

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