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A Dark Midtown Bar with Beer and Sports

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We don’t want to jinx it or anything, but... two things are on our mind.

1) The Braves. They’re looking pretty good.

2) Henry’s Midtown Tavern. It’s also looking pretty good.

Oh, right. Henry’s. It’s a new bar from the Campagnolo people that’ll be open tonight on 10th.

And in the interest of it being Friday and that being great, we’ve laid out three ways you might use such a laid-back watering hole...

You want rye. Two bars. Maybe a patio.
The week just ended. And by proxy, the weekend just began. So start with a German pilsner on the front patio. Let the sun go down. Then choose a bar inside (they’ve got two of those). The cocktail menu is still in R&D, but ask if the toasted-pecan-infused rye is ready. Ask, and hopefully you shall receive.

It’s late. You could eat your weight in chicken wings.
And you’d prefer to do that somewhere with lights made from old pipes, a curtain-enclosed digital jukebox (it doubles as a photo booth, naturally) and shadowy booths. Have some chipotle wings by the pound. And some teriyaki wings by another pound.

The Braves are away. You want to watch them.
Take the flat-screens for a test-drive tonight. Maybe start with the two in the separated-off dining area. Or the two at each bar. Or the other two over there.

Anyway... sports. You get the idea.


Henry’s Midtown Tavern
132 10th St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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