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Heaping plates of pasta one night. Sushi tasting menus the next. To say nothing of steak-and-lobster Thursdays.

Sigh. It all gets a bit... well, awesome, actually. So congrats on such stellar eating. But that’s not to say some variety wouldn’t be welcome.

Yes, Czech and Slovak food: that ought to do.

Welcome to Capitol Prague, now open in Georgetown to bring you the kind of Prague Spring that’s entirely free of Soviet meddling.

Pretty sharp dining room they’ve got going on here: stone-tiled open kitchen, big banquette wrapping around an oval pillar in the center, L-shaped bar in the back overlooking Potomac Street.

And sure, you can bring a date here. But better be a date who doesn’t mind some aggressive exploration of Central European beer, spirits and comfort foods. Pilsner and schnitzel, naturally. That’s a given.

But branch out into cocktails made with vodka from the Slovakian mountains and Becherovka, a bitter Czech digestif said to have medicinal properties. And then on to dishes with interesting punctuation like svíčková and halušky—mostly stuff like potato pancakes, herb dumplings and beef simmered in cream.

As for the strudel, well, it’s great. You should order some. And if you get strudel withdrawal when you wake up, fear not: their coffee and pastry shop next door opens at 8am.

Can’t hurt to make your reservation under “Habsburg.”


Capitol Prague
3277 M St NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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