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It’s a Juice Bar. And Here’s How to Use It...

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The days: longer. The nights: shorter. The probability of being half-to-fully unclothed in the presence of others in the coming months: high.

We’re talking about pool season here, friends. Pool season. Pool motherf**king se—

Anyway, you should probably know about Kale Me Crazy, a horrifyingly monikered new juice bar/breakfast spot/overall healthy place from the Yogli Mogli owner. It opens tomorrow in Inman Park.

What follows: three ways to put this place to work for you...

For an après-anything refueling station.
They have smoothies and cold-pressed juices here. Healthy ones. Ones specifically engineered to help you recover from whatever summer shenanigans you’re getting into these days. Running 5Ks. Chicken-fight practice. Sitting at a pool and getting more tan.

For... sitting at a pool and getting more tan.
This place is full of amino acids and antioxidants and other weird stuff that does your body good. You know, so you can stay in shape. Poolside cabanas aren’t going to lounge around and look dashing in themselves.

For a breakfast date with Natalie Portman.
Or any other fresh-faced vegetarian/yogi/actress who happens to be floating around and willing to go to breakfast with you. It’s... kind of nice in there. Sit at the window facing North Highland and act interested in the chia seed pudding and gluten-free cupcakes you’re eating.

And then act interested in a pastrami sandwich later.


Kale Me Crazy
300 N Highland Ave, Ste B
Atlanta, GA, 30307


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