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Wine-cork walls. Tango-themed choking posters. Veal Milanese with foie gras. Passionate rhythmic bodily gestures. Guys named Tato. Flamed gin/brandy cocktails. Wine barrels. Singing human alarms.

These are the things that comprise Malbec and Tango House, an immense, bi-level lair of wine, Argentine deliciousness and furious dancing, now soft-open in NoHo. This is how you’ll harness its power...

Start simple, with dinner upstairs.
It’s like being inside a wine barrel—some walls are treated wood, another’s made of 18,000 corks. You’ll start your date here (and yes, there’ll be a date) with some hamachi and a bottle of Argentine, oh, let’s say... malbec. Maybe you work your way up to the two-person cut of lamb.

Or skip that and hit the basement entrance.
Down a basement stairway next to the main entrance, past a wine-crate wall, is a bar. Tato Giovannoni (the South American Sasha Petraske) did the cocktail list, so avail yourselves of that. Eventually, an a cappella singer will break into song to let you know the performance is on.

Oh, right, the performance.
In a couple weeks, nightly tango theater will be the thing here. Beyond the downstairs bar, there’s a theater, complete with graffiti wall and curtained VIP balconies. It’s where the world’s best tango dancers (freshly imported) will put on stagings produced by a 25-time winner of the Martín Fierro award—basically the Emmys of Argentina.

Which makes him the Kelsey Grammer of South America.


Malbec and Tango House
428 Lafayette St
(between Astor and E 4th)
New York, NY, 10003


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