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A Supremely Casual Hall of Beer and Pizza

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After a few crazy sequential nights (it happens), sometimes you just crave the couch.

Tossing back a couple of good beers, having some pizza from the oven—just relaxing.


It would be nice if somebody would bring you that beer. And make you that pizza. And if a few of your friends were around. And if some stranger sat down right next to you who turned out to be kind of great and had a phone number and gave you that phone number.

Yeah, you’re going out again.

Welcome to Carson House, an easy, casual bar and restaurant that’s like your living room with a staff, a pizza oven, a deep beer list and a bunch of people you don’t know yet—officially opening next Tuesday.

There’s lots of space to get comfortable here. A near-endless bar. A long row of back-to-back couches. Lots of windows. When you’ll go: after work. Or a Saturday afternoon when you want to watch the game. Or basically anytime you’re with some super-low-maintenance people whose only pressing needs are as follows:

1) A red-meat-heavy menu that includes Philly cheesesteak pot stickers, short rib pizza from a brick oven and a pretzel burger.

2) A legit 60-deep beer list. Yes, one of those beers is a Great Divide Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.

3) Your company.

But mostly the short rib pizza, really.


Carson House
8635 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90211


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