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Waterfront Burgers and Beer at the Seaport

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Technology being what it is, there’s a good chance you’re outside enjoying this glory right now.

But you could always be a little more outdoors...er.

Somewhere with beer and wood planks, perhaps...

Like Watermark Bar, a sunny patch of pier where burgers and beer and being outside are the law of the land, opening tomorrow at South Street Seaport.

This was supposed to happen back in November, but... Sandy. The silver lining: back then, you wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the tens of thousands of square feet of Brooklyn Bridge–adjacent outdoor picnic deck where alcoholized snow cones, LaFrieda beef and margaritas remind you of the true meaning of summer.

You’re coming to Pier 15 with a group of be-sunglassed compadres. And you’ll all just gaze out at the bridge and the river and the deck chairs at the end of the pier. Then you’re going to cartwheel all the way there (walking: also acceptable). The last building you reach will be the place—essentially a glass house filled with nothing but a black-tile-and-brown-wood bar, a few lanterns and red industrial stools.

Which is all well and good, but you’re just going in there to pick up provisions and take them out to the deck, beyond the bar. Or, if you look closely, there’s a smaller deck with a patch of grass on the roof.

Summer’s the best.


Watermark Bar
at South Street Seaport
78 South St
(at Pier 15)
New York, NY, 10038


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