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Draft Beers and Local Everythings on a Roof

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There’re moments in life that are so impactful, so significant, that you remember exactly where you were, who you were with and what you were doing when they happened.

This could be one of those moments.

Just depends on how you feel about sun-covered rooftops with beers and ribeyes.

Tell every other place you frequent to make room for HG Sply Co., an exposed-brick-and-reclaimed-wood kind of spot that’s dealing in local brews, bone-in steaks and rooftop views, opening Tuesday on Lower Greenville.

Stop us when you see something you don’t like:

Venison flanks. Braised lamb. Crispy artichokes. Handmade cocktails. Perfectly poured Revolver drafts with just the right amount of foam.

We could keep going if you want...

Okay, fine, we will.

Exposed brick. Tabletops made of old freight-train wood. A white-subway-tile-lined bar. Red leather banquettes. A roof with a bunch of picnic tables. A sunny patio. Panoramic views. Gin. A plate of beer-steamed mussels. A shank of locally sourced pork. The eventual arrival of sandwich lunch service.

And that’s pretty much the story with this place. If you’ve made it this far...

You should probably go here.

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