The Latin Kings

A Corner Latin Kitchen on H Street

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Let’s talk about tacos.

Actually, it’s Monday, so let’s also talk about Cuban sandwiches, arepas and pickled hot peppers, too.

Hey, you need to look forward to something besides Tuesday.

Something like Chupacabra, a Latin American kitchen tucked away just off of H Street, now open.

This isn’t really the kind of place where you’ll linger. More of a quick-and-easy counter-service spot to hit before your next onslaught on Little Miss Whiskey’s or Rock & Roll Hotel (or maybe a restorative meal the morning after such an onslaught).

First up: make your way to the corner of 9th and H, and look for the mural of a cow’s skull. Follow the arrow to this tiny storefront, basically just a counter, a big chalkboard menu and a few stools.

In front of you: tacos familiar (al pastor, barbacoa) and maybe unfamiliar (leg of lamb with habanero, chorizo with hominy), pickled veggies and peppers, and Cuban sandwiches. Or show up a little earlier for breakfast tacos, Thai-inspired donuts and johnnycakes with mango-strawberry jam.

In the works over the next few weeks: a sidewalk café partially covered with a big awning (you can already grab one of the picnic tables) and a liquor license.

As all the best sidewalks tend to have.

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