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A Tee That Helps You Relax on the Green

None When golfing, you need to remember the basics.

Keep your knees slightly bent.

Use your hips.

And most importantly... relax.

Today: a little something to help with that last one.

It’s the Pitch-n-Puff, a not-so-inconspicuously-named piece of inconspicuous golfing paraphernalia that does exactly what you think it does, available now.

On the surface, it’s just your average powder-coated, aircraft-grade-aluminum golf tee. But below that surface: you’ve got a discreet, hollowed-out chamber with which to insert the naturally occurring substance of your choice. Right, like chamomile. (Actually... probably not chamomile.)

Fast-forward to your next pro-am in Colorado. (Or, you know, killing an afternoon at the driving range.) Sixteenth hole. You’re down two strokes. You need some clarity on the shot. So you excuse yourself for a business call, bust this thing out and begin the process of becoming one with the ball. You’ll then return and utter something like, “Sorry, Geneva had wire-transfer issues again,” and shoot four under par. No one will be the wiser.

And while the performance-enhancing potential here is huge, it’ll also help you appreciate parts of the game you take for granted. The sunsets at Pebble Beach. The fragrant pines of Augusta National. St Andrews’s top-notch dining facilities.

We hear they make an amazing haggis burrito.

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