Talk the Talkz

Texting, Drawing and Voice Messages from Obama

None Pictures. Once upon a time, they were worth a thousand words.

Then inflation happened.

And phones with cameras happened.

And this app that takes pictures and combines them with hand-drawn notes and celebrity voiceovers happened.

So, yeah, they’re probably worth quite a bit more now...

Let’s have a discussion about Talkz, an all-in-one messaging app you’ll use for sending texts, photos, videos, drawings and pretty much every other form of communication not involving pigeons, available now for iPhone.

Sometimes you call people. Sometimes you text people. And sometimes, well, you draw elaborate pictures on cocktail napkins while recording a voice message. (Hey, you’re busy.) That’s where this app comes in. Because it lets you do all those things. And send them to people on your phone.

So after you’ve downloaded it, just pull this up, choose a recipient and select your preferred mode of communication. Could be a text. Maybe a video. But, nah, too easy. Instead, sketch someone a picture. A glass of whiskey, perhaps. Attach a note to it that says, “Your round.” Then, have the president read it.

Right, about that. For some reason (patriotism, we guess), the app will speak your text messages so they sound like Obama, Dubya and Mitt Romney. Or just talk into it yourself and eventually it’ll learn your speech patterns and clone your voice.

Pretty sure that’s how Terminator started.

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