Disappearing Act

An App That Makes Your Tweets Vanish

None You have your regrets. The one that got away. That job offer in Barbados that you turned down.

But mostly about those tweets you posted this weekend.

If only those tweets vanished after a few minutes before any real damage could be done.

Yes, we’re going to tell you about a web app that does that. You catch on quick.

It’s called Efemr, and it’s available now to make your tweet disappear before anyone can get a screenshot of it.

Let’s say you spotted Katy Perry at one of the many parties this weekend, and you decided to see whether she’d be responsive to your wiles via electronic missive. You would have already linked this app to your Twitter account, so at the end of your tweet you’d just add a hashtag like “#10m.” Voilà, in 10 minutes, your tweet would become extinct (you know, just in case Katy was... less than responsive).

Then again, this could come in useful anytime it gets late and you get opinionated. You’d hate for your inside joke to ding your sterling reputation.

To recap: “#10m” should follow “#worstdateever.”

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