Zeno’s Famous Meatball Kitchen

Sphere Factor

Dallas’s First Dedicated Meatball Shop

4 Photos Zeno’s Famous Meatball Kitchen
None 4 Photos Zeno’s Famous Meatball Kitchen
Many wonderful things are spheres.

Earth, marbles, disco balls, Reunion Tower, oranges...

But nothing holds a candle to the glorious meatball.

Or tastes nearly as good between bread.

Kiss your fingers, say magnifico and meet Zeno’s Famous Meatball Kitchen, a bright and shiny counter service spot devoted to... right, meatballs. They serve meatballs. And it’s now open in Northeast Dallas.

Yes, we know. That’s a little farther than you typically drive for lunch. But some things are worth the extra effort. And meatballs are one of those things.

Walking in, you’ll notice the walls are covered in meatball-related art. It really sets the scene for what’s about to happen next. Which is you walking up to the red counter and poring over the menu. It’s filled with simple orders like Italian meatballs with marinara. Complicated/nap-inducing orders like meatballs covered in fries, gravy and cheese. And sandwich orders like, you know, sandwiches.

If you’ve got a minute to stick around, great. Take a seat. Relax. Bask in the culmination of spherical geometry. Maybe have a cookies-and-cream milkshake. (Definitely have a cookies-and-cream milkshake.) But if you’re in a hurry, well, you should’ve opted for the drive-through. Oh yeah, there’s a drive-through.

The more you know...


Zeno’s Famous Meatball Kitchen
10870 Plano Rd, Ste F
Dallas, TX, 75238


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