Something in the Water

Introducing the Amphibious Camper

None Today, you’re faced with an important choice.

And based on that choice, your summer will go one of two ways:

1) You’ll enjoy your regular schedule of camping trips, champagne-soaked sailing escapades and close encounters of the suntan-lotioned kind.
2) You’ll do all of that... but with an amphibious camper/motorboat hybrid.

Ah, we see you’ve chosen wisely.

So go ahead and meet the Sealander, a cozy two-person camping trailer that transforms into an even cozier motor-powered watercraft when you put it in water, available now.

Picture one of those tow-behind caravans you’d see on any interstate between here and Yellowstone. Except 10 times more European-looking. And equipped with an outboard motor. Then picture yourself voyaging down the Mississippi in just such a vessel with C.J. Parker as your first mate. Because that’s possible now. (Well, 95% of that, anyway.)

To get one, head to the website of the Baltic-coast-based Germans masterminding this thing. Then, customize away. It comes standard with two beds, a sunroof and all the necessary floating campsite accoutrements, but you can add upgrades like a barbecue, teakwood floors and surround sound to your heart’s content.

When it arrives, hitch it to your vehicular device, find the nearest body of water and then embark on the most buoyant camping trip ever. If you’re low on fuel, just return to dry land for a refill.

Works the same for beer.

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