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The wheel. The lightbulb. The bar.

Probably mankind’s finest three inventions.

Here to make a strong-to-very-strong case for bars:

Consider the possibilities of Invention, a majestic new private bar tucked into the Los Angeles Athletic Club, accepting members now.

Here, in short, is a gentlemanly ode to innovation, by which we mean whiskey. Once you get in (we’ll get to that part soon), you’ll see what looks like a vast, elegant library—overstuffed bookshelves, oceans of mahogany, a grandfather clock—and subtle cues to help inspire you to create another Apple. Or Chia Pet.

The sketch pads and pencils: ready for your next idea. The houndstooth armchairs: perfect for thoughtful chin stroking. The flat-screen: only playing educational programming, surely. The radiant marble bar: exists.

Which reminds you. You’re not in a library. You’re in a bar. You should have some Manhattans. It’s all classic-cocktail finery here. Sit down with some execs. Talk shop. Create things. Then order another round and toast to the success of the thing you just created.

And as for that membership situation: this place is on the third floor of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, that famous members-only sports club/retreat/hotel that’s been around for decades. There’s now a new “social membership” option, which gets you into just the leisurely bar/lounge areas.

So, all the important parts.

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