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Five Upgrades to Your Accounting Game

Important reminder: your taxes are due on Monday. Importanter reminder: your desk could use some new pieces of handsomeness. Specifically, <em>these</em> accounting-inspired pieces of handsomeness...

The Calculator/Abacus
CALC 101

The Calculator/Abacus

The standby: A pocket calculator.
The upgrade: A fully functional abacus built into a 1980s Sharp calculator, sold by the purveyors of smart-looking randomness at Partners & Spade.
Hashtags: #goingmedieval #thatshowyoudeduct

The Finest Receipt Clip Ever

The Finest Receipt Clip Ever

The standby: A flimsy metal receipt clip.
The upgrade: A solid copper money clip that requires five humans and eight weeks to produce, and is styled after the receipt clips bankers used to wear on their visors. Easily the best thing to happen to your money since the Swiss.
Hashtags: #copperstandard #cashisking

The Only Stapler Worth Stapling With

The Only Stapler Worth Stapling With

The standby: A candy-red Swingline.
The upgrade: A chrome-polished aluminum war hammer of a stapler that’s been wielded by chieftains of document-fastening since the 1930s. One 30-page staple from this, and they’ll know you mean business.
Hashtags: #noaudits #hasanybodyseenmystapler

You Knew There’d Be Suspenders

You Knew There’d Be Suspenders

The standby: Elastic suspenders.
The upgrade: A pair of ferociously tough ones made in Denmark from heavy elastic and vegetable-tanned leather. Because it’s about time you took as much pride in holding up your pants as you do in your exemptions.
Hashtags: #gekko #snapitout #ofcourseitsdanish

A Really Next-Level Banker’s Visor

A Really Next-Level Banker’s Visor

The standby: One of those translucent green eyeshade things.
The upgrade: A screw-fastened saddle-leather visor. It’s not green, but it will protect your eyes from fluorescent lights. Also: it’s a saddle-leather visor. How can you not.
Hashtags: #eyeprotection #overboard

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