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Paul Calvert’s Microscopic New Cocktail Den

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Back in the day, bars were a bit different than they are now.

There was no watching baseball on flat-screens. No ordering cocktails through iPads.

People had to, like, drum up conversations and stuff.

Well, looks like it’s time to start drumming again...

Because here comes Paper Plane, Paul Calvert’s microscopic new hidden bar that’s dark and retro and doesn’t give a damn about anything but good times and dead-serious cocktails, opening tonight behind Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur.

You’ve got to show a little initiative to find this place. And by initiative, we really just mean dipping into a side alley and opening an unmarked black door. Hey, look, it’s a room full of brassy lamps, old clocks, vintage radios and a bunch of walnut wood paneling. Like a proper old home. But new. And with way more gin.

Anyway, it holds 50 people in there, tops. It’s the kind of place you can sneak off to and never be found. Still, consider having someone meet you there. Tonight. You’ll be the one sitting at the zinc bar drinking a Biggie Snugs (bourbon, ginger and Bitter Truth Creole bitters). When they arrive, take things to a curved black booth.

Which happens to be just the spot for a late dinner. Like pork belly. Or lamb rack in a marasca-cherry cola glaze.

Or none of that and more bourbon.

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