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A New Double-Decker Bar on Edgewood

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And that’s a wrap.

Weekend time.

Let’s reconvene on Monday and pick up where we left off, shall we.

Oh, but before you go...

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Mother, a two-story brick building filled with all sorts of magnificent things you can drink late at night. One might even call it a bar. And it’s soft-opening Thursday on Edgewood.

Imagine the kind of bar that’d materialize after two local art curators and two Brooklyn-based bar owners put their heads together. Probably something that spans out over two floors and a back patio. Probably something with fried catfish and a bunch of tequila. Probably something exactly like this place.

Stop by with a few friends this Thursday. You’ll see some stairs. Ignore those for now. Instead, head for the row of tables under those three brassy chandeliers by the bar. Sit at one. There’s no set cocktail menu, so just go ahead and order the first thing that comes to mind. Absinthe: sure. Bourbon: absolutely. White wine spritzer: punch yourself in the temple.

And, oh yeah, that upstairs lounge. They’re pretty much opening that whenever they feel like it. At random times and whatnot. It looks a lot like the downstairs, only a bit more seductive. And haunted. And dungeon-y. The good kind of seductive and haunted and dungeon-y, though.

We just described Game of Thrones.

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