Slumber Arty

Creating Avant-Garde Art While You Sleep

None We’d like to focus for a minute on what goes on in your bed.

It’s creative, sure. Unique, definitely.

Why, we could even call it avant-garde.

Just ask your phone. It’ll show you...

Give a big drowsy hello to Sleep Art, a new app that monitors and records your sleep cycles, then gives you an abstract—dare we say, artistic—rendering of your night’s slumber, available now for iPhone.

This is a marriage of art and science. Real left-brain-meets-right-brain stuff. The people behind this actually started out with robots in hotel rooms. Yup: robots that observed people’s sleep patterns and then made paintings based on the data.

And now, they’ve taken similar technology and stuck it in your phone. (Fewer consent forms were involved.)

And it’s pretty easy. Just set the app’s alarm, place it on the mattress near you and leave it alone. It uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer to monitor your motion and breathing. Then, when the alarm goes off, it generates “brushstrokes” based on the data. Which should look all happy and serene.

Unless you had one of those falling dreams.

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