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A Sleek SoBe Bistro for Late-Night Burgers

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Nothing good happens after 2am.

Someone said that once.

We assume they just didn’t get out much.

Or were extremely allergic to buffalo-chicken sliders.

Burn the midnight oil for Charles St., a whitewashed bistro that’s doing martini and miniature-burger business until five in the morning, opening Monday in South Beach.

You know how sometimes you go out in SoBe and have a few cocktails... right, well, this is the place you’ll go to after that. When you’re most in need of a rib-sticking brisket sandwich. Or a comfortable booth. Or another cocktail.

And sure, they’re open for dinner, too. And yes, we could totally see you bringing a date to the blond-wood bar, sharing some wine, eating some oyster beignets and loving life. But let’s not lose sight of what’s really important—those late-night sliders.

They’ve got nine palm-sized sandwiches on the after-hours menu here. Things like spicy crab cake, seared tuna and short rib with aged cheddar. Which, if you think sounds good right about now, just wait until next Saturday at 4am.

Maybe send yourself a calendar reminder.


Charles St.
at Boulan South Beach
2000 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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