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How to Get Inside This K-Town Speakeasy

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Okay, there’s an obnoxious cliché happening lately at bars all over town. An epidemic, really.

We’re talking about those places that all have obvious, accessible doors letting you inside.

You know, a challenge might be nice every now and then...

Behold the mysterious splendor of Lock & Key, a dapper speakeasy hidden behind a confounding wall covered in hundreds of doorknobs and locks—and just one of them actually opens the door—opening tonight.

So let’s talk about that getting-in part first. 1) Head to random patch of Koreatown. 2) Seek out grungy building with red door and to-go window selling fried-chicken sandwiches. 3) Get momentarily distracted by fried-chicken sandwiches. 4) Eat fried-chicken sandwich. 5) Then: enter red door.

Wow. This is unexpected. Suddenly, you’re in an incongruously handsome corridor, all Victorian and marble-y. And there’s that black wall, covered with rows and rows of knobs to try and keys to turn. Thankfully, there’s also a lovely hostess to do that part for you—and somebody thought to tell her which one does the trick.

And through the door: a cocktail Narnia. It’s a dark, intimate spot, lots of black and gold and green—and just a handful of little booths—so bring a date who likes a little mystery and some artichoke-accented cocktails. Also, helps if they’re not opposed to mirrored ceilings.

Which never hurts to find out.

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