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A WeHo Piano Bar with a Semi-Open Mic

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The Dolby Theatre. The Hollywood Bowl. Your shower.

All great live music venues.

And tomorrow, you can add “transplanted New York piano bar” to that list.

Prepare for raucous nights of martini-fueled belting at Don’t Tell Mama, a new West Hollywood incarnation of an infamous NYC cabaret club, opening tomorrow.

Come here when you want to sing, listen to someone else sing or eat lamb chops with a side of ratatouille. Yes, there’s a dining room. It’ll be on your left. Head there first for dinner and a few whiskeys. Enough to get your voice warmed up.

Then, when you’re ready, push through the theater curtains to the bar. There’s a piano. You’ll be greeted by renowned stage-and-screen types who’ve just happened to stop by to perform in the vicinity of said piano. It’s ribald. It’s sort of drunken. It’s... also perhaps your chance to shine. Because you’re free to step up to the mic if you’ve got a solid sense of showmanship and you know your lyrics.

Or at least the chorus.


Don’t Tell Mama
8279 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90046


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