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Barbarella Bar Opens in Silver Lake

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Predicting the future is tough, but odds are it involves a 10-ounce martini or two.

Welcome to Barbarella Bar, officially open tomorrow in Silver Lake.

The name might remind you of a certain attire-averse space heroine, but the owner admits she liked the sound of the word more than the actual movie. So as a whole, the low-key bar isn't exactly a tribute to life in 40,000 A.D. But she did put her girls in bustiers.

It's not another velvet-rope scene, which is fine by you—just a come-as-you-are addition to your Eastside arsenal with leather booths that already look lived in, a small firepit outside and, if you want it, some Brown Rice Spaghetti or an organic burger.

And as for those martinis, on the long list you'll find a Ginger Cucumber and, for her, a Jane Fonda (read: Cosmo). But there are also a couple dozen glistening kegs behind glass, filled with everything from Allagash White to a Triple Karmeliet. (The only brew in a bottle is the Chimay.) Before long, you can expect happy hour to start at 4pm.

Sounds like the future to us.


Barbarella Bar
2609 N. Hyperion Ave
(S. of Griffith Park Blvd)
Silver Lake 
LA, CA 90027


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