Rolling in the Deep

Camping in Washington. In Rolling Huts.

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We trust you had a splendid Presidents’ Day.

Bad news, though: it wasn’t nearly as splendid as it could have been.

You see, you weren’t camping in a Frank Lloyd Wright–looking hut in the middle of a valley in Washington.

Which means you weren’t maximizing your camping-in-a-Frank-Lloyd-Wright-looking-hut-in-the-middle-of-a-valley-in-Washington potential.

Which is... unfortunate.

Next time, better book a trip to the Rolling Huts, a tiny cluster of architecturally glorious huts (yes, those exist now) in the middle of Washington State’s Methow Valley, taking reservations now.

Little huts. Little huts surrounded by big mountains. That’s what you’re signing yourself up for here. And okay, it wasn’t Frank Lloyd Wright who designed them. It was a guy named Tom Kundig. Guy designs a hell of a hut, though.

Wood-burning furnaces. Full kitchens. Wi-fi. It’s all in there. Book two seats on some type of flying aircraft. Grab a lovely friend who appreciates things like this. Then just go. Check yourself in. Do some hiking. Little sightseeing. And at the end of the day, head back to your design-y little quarters and relax.

Or don’t. That’s the beauty of it, really. It’s a no-pressure-type situation.

Oh, and you should know there’s also a three-bedroom farmhouse with a private deck. Also: 15 safari-style camping tents, should your tastes skew thusly.

Next Presidents’ Day, you’ll be ready.

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