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A Shared-Plates Date Spot on McKinney Ave

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Back in December, Bowery closed.

And you were sad.

Like, hot-dog-sized-hole-in-your-heart sad.

Well, dry those sauerkraut tears: we’ve got some good news.

It’s pork-related.

Sound the horn for Belly & Trumpet, an intimate little cottage for sharing date-night plates of pork belly and duck confit, opening tomorrow in the old Bowery space on McKinney Ave.

Back in the Bowery days, there was wood. The floors, the walls, the bar... just so much wood. But now, the interior’s decked out more like a European salon. With pink wallpaper, fancy chandeliers, gold bar stools and white leather sofas. And the menu’s traded hot dogs for dishes like Cornish game hen with foie gras and raisins.

So tomorrow, you’ll... wait, no, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve already got plans. But Friday... that’s when you’ll come here. Step onto the purple patio and through the doors. You can take a seat on that plush couch to your right or make camp at a wooden table with red upholstered chairs straight ahead. Then, go through the menu. Share some pork belly and kimchi with friends. Some yellowfin tuna with a date...

Oh, and you’re going to need a drink. A glass of wine, perhaps. Or better yet, a Coastal Margarita. It’s spiked with peppery tequila and creamy avocado.

Maybe get a side of chips, too.


Belly & Trumpet
3407 McKinney Ave
(at Lemmon Ave)
Dallas, TX, 75204


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