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A Hot Dog Diner at Trinity Groves

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Let’s state the facts...

1950s diner: good.

Hot dogs: good.

Beer: yup, also good.

Put them together and what do you get: world peace.

No... wait... it’s this place. You get this place.

Say hello to Hofmann Hots, a casual counter-service spot dedicated to gourmet hot dogs and the frosty things you want to drink alongside them, opening late next week at Trinity Groves.

What you’ve got here is an old-school diner. The kind with white tile walls, round stools, blue leather chairs with chrome legs... and hot dogs. Most of all, there’s hot dogs.

Stopping in for lunch or dinner, sure, that’ll work. But stopping in before a beer run at across-the-street Four Corners Brewing Co.... that’s just good sense. Step up to the counter and peruse your options. The fajita dog with bell peppers and cheese. The Himalayan dog with curry aioli and chutney. Or maybe just get something with mustard.

Then find a counter seat at one of those red stools by the big circular windows. Look onto the street, take a slug of cold beer, a bite of your hot dog and... holy hell. Hot dogs and beer...

Who knew...


Hofmann Hots
340 Singleton Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75212


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