Things to do for January 31, 2013

The Weekender

Wine, Burgers and the Super Bowl

The weekend is kissing its biceps.

UD - This Jacket Trumps a Niners Jersey

This Jacket Trumps a Niners Jersey

Sometimes you want to go the face paint and jersey route... actually, no, you pretty much never want that. That’s where this jacket comes in. It’s the brainchild of local guys Golden Bear and Seedstore. It’s red and gold. Best of all: it’s 30% off.

Available now until the victory parade, Seedstore, 212 Clement St (at 3rd Ave), 415-386-1600

UD - 10 Glorious Courses in the Mission

10 Glorious Courses in the Mission

Meet Roxy’s Café. Your chef: a veteran of kitchens like Nobu, SPQR and Quince. Your tasting menu: four or 10 courses, replete with Venezuelan, Italian and Asian touches. Your hunger: probably kicking in right about now...

UD - Happy (Chinese) New Year

Happy (Chinese) New Year

The Year of the Snake starts on the 10th, but the M.Y. China crew is celebrating for the entire month. They’re offering two menus symbolic for wealth and prosperity (long noodles, Peking duck and seafood) along with a sparkling cider cocktail called the Stone Serpent. Symbolic for, well, whatever you want it to be.

Feb 1-26, M.Y. China, 845 Market St (Level 4 of Westfield San Francisco Centre), 415-580-3001

UD - This Is How You Watch the Game

This Is How You Watch the Game

Beers. Wings. Burgers. And, uh, carbonated tequila shots, plus something called Scotchlate Milk. These are what you’ll find at this Super Bowl party. Oh, and three TVs. TVs are key.

UD - Endless Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Endless Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

So a bunch of winemakers are gathering to, uh, “promote dialogue around the meaning and relevance of balance” in California pinot noir and chardonnay wineries. We’re pretty sure that just means you and maybe a date are about to drink some really great wine. We hope that’s what it means.

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