Things to do for January 10, 2013

The Weekender

This Weekend: S’mores at the Home of the Golden Globes

The weekend is just honored to be nominated.

UD - Just Some Historic Korean BBQ

Just Some Historic Korean BBQ

We’d introduce you to Park’s BBQ, but... it needs no introduction. It’s Park’s BBQ. So we’ll just move on to say that those people have opened Oleego, a quick lunch stand slinging rice bowls topped with anything from grilled shrimp to chicken bulgogi. And it’s always fun to say “bulgogi.”

UD - This Place Has Hot Smoothies

This Place Has Hot Smoothies

Sure, you like an ice-cold smoothie after the gym or whatever. But on these blustery/sunny days of SoCal winter, you’ve probably wished you could have your cacao-hazelnut-chia-date-agave smoothie hot. Or maybe you never thought of that. But Pulse is doing it anyway. Smoothie purists be damned.

UD - The Fred Segal Sale Returns

The Fred Segal Sale Returns

Head to Fred Segal tomorrow. Pick out a bunch of jeans and shades and shoes and leather. Stride confidently to the register, knowing it’s all half off—just for being you. Also, because their big sale is back and almost everything is half off. But mostly for being you.

Jan 11-27, Fred Segal, 420 and 500 Broadway, Santa Monica

UD - A Burrito Brunch at Diablo

A Burrito Brunch at Diablo

Brunch: unilaterally a good thing. Still, you could have an omelet and some coffee... or you could now go to Diablo for a giant breakfast burrito, some churros and a bunch of Micheladas involving popsicles dipped into beers. Your call. But seriously... no. It’s fine. Your call. We trust you.

Sat-Sun starting Jan 12, 9am-2pm, Diablo, 3129 W Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake, 323-666-4666

UD - Some Globe-Adjacent S’mores

Some Globe-Adjacent S’mores

Sunday at the Beverly Hilton, you’ll find complete Golden Globes pandemonium. But Saturday you can head to the pool and find yourself a new DIY s’mores kit for two, complete with tiny little marshmallow grill. And the award for best s’mores goes to...

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