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Sometimes going out just can't compete with a great party at home.

But if you could do both at once, that would really be impressive. Welcome to Hollywood's latest after-dark stunner—MyHouse cracks open its doors tonight.

The new spot from David Judaken and Tony Daly (Mood, Crimson, Opera) re-imagines your new favorite nightclub as...your new favorite Dodd Mitchell-designed house. Past the front yard, step into the foyer and plot your tour—maybe a drink first in the fully functioning kitchen to the right, then check out the dining room, living room and patio. The Jacuzzi will arrive soon, with towels and robes ready. (Really, it's okay if you get in.)

Upstairs in the bedroom, if you open the drawers flanking the bed, you might find...the same supplies you'd find in your own. But you always leave home prepared, so you'll probably settle for another Wasabi Bloody Murphy from the bedroom's bar (also just like home) and a seat by the rail, where the view's best of the foyer-turned-dance floor below.

For the next few weeks, it's private events only—except for Fridays, starting tonight, when the notorious coalition of promoters known as the Alliance will be tightly guarding the door. The first rule of being on the Alliance list is you don't talk about how you got on the Alliance list.

And you're familiar with the second rule...


7080 Hollywood Blvd
(at La Brea)
Hollywood, CA, 90028


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