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Darts and Draft Beer in Fort Lauderdale

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So, Fort Lauderdale is kind of having a moment.

First, that pour-your-own-pint bar on Las Olas.

Then, that tattoo parlor/barbershop bar from Barcelona.

And now, that bar... bar from New York.

Say hello to D.B.A./Cafe, a NY-native neighborhood pub for beer, burgers and dartboard-related things, now open in Fort Lauderdale.

Yup, go ahead and strike “find a new brick-lined tavern with a proprietary hot sauce, mason jar lamps and booths made out of old wine crates” from your “things to do before New Year’s” checklist.

Then, come here tonight for a little pre-holiday unwinding. You know: cold beers, lightly competitive darts and something from the menu that you can dab the house hot sauce on. We’re thinking a burger, the braised short rib with truffled potatoes or anything that’s not turkey.

And soon (like sometime-after-Thanksgiving soon), they’ll open their outdoor patio. And stick a Sunday brunch on it. Eggs benedict. Smoked salmon. Draft beer.

Well, that’s one less thing you have to ask Santa for.


2364 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33305


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