Things to do for November 15, 2012

The Weekender

Bikinis, Polaroids and Donuts

The weekend’s other hand is between two pillows.

UD - Photographer Heaven on Valencia

Photographer Heaven on Valencia

If you’ve ever taken a photo, been in a photo or seen a photo, you’ll want to head here. It’s basically a pop-up shop full of cameras and lenses and accessories and shot glasses shaped like lenses. Ideal for the drinker/fan of novelty glassware in your life.

Through Dec 23, Photojojo, 766 Valencia St (at 19th St), 855-843-5656

UD - The Secret New Lunch in Town

The Secret New Lunch in Town

So Epic Roasthouse is launching a secret lunch menu. They’re kicking it off with a week of pastrami sandwiches and wine-marinated-duck-breast salads, and adding new dishes with each passing week. (If you really liked the pastrami sandwich, they’ll accommodate.) But we’ve said too much already.

UD - Ah, the Golden Age of Biker Culture

Ah, the Golden Age of Biker Culture

You’ve always considered the motorcycle jacket to be a timeless work of art. Turns out, so does Levi’s. They’ve commissioned an exhibit of 21 hand-painted jackets from artists throughout the world. See? Art.

UD - Dynamo Donuts by the Bay

Dynamo Donuts by the Bay

Dynamo just set up shop in the hut near the St. Francis Yacht Club. Yes, directly in the path to the bridge—the one some people (including occasionally you) use for a morning jog. The world can be a cruel place. A cruel... delicious place.

UD - Surfing, Poker and Bikinis

Surfing, Poker and Bikinis

The guys at Surfbreak Rentals are celebrating their one-year anniversary the way it should be celebrated: with an international invitational poker tournament and a runway swimsuit fashion show. Bikinis: we’re pretty sure that’s the traditional first-anniversary gift.

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