Vino Venue

Vino Venue

Like Dining Inside of a Wine Cellar

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A really long time ago, there was a man with great hair, flowing robes and a lustrous beard.

He turned water into wine.

And for thousands of years, that stood as the greatest wine-related miracle ever.

Then, Thursday happened.

Or more specifically, Vino Venue happened: a worldly tapas bar from the Atlanta Wine School founder with meat plates, carryout beers and a bunch of wine that pours itself, opening Thursday in Dunwoody.

Okay, so it’s a bar. One with big, wooden communal tables, seductive lighting and, throughout the dining room, a few dozen spouts of self-pouring wine.

Grab a date (or a friend who’s extremely parched) and head to this wine cellar of a spot. Get situated at a counter-height table. Get a bunch of food of the bite-size ilk (like duck foie gras pâté and chocolate-and-sea-salt-dipped bacon). Then, turn your attention to the by-the-glass wine. All 50 varieties and their respective Enomatic taps.

Of course, if you’d prefer to learn about wine rather than sip it, well, that’s a little weird. But they do offer in-house wine classes, and there’s a concierge on staff who can book you a Tuscan vineyard vacation if you’d like. And you’d like.

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