The Most Badass Shovel Ever

None The world is a big place, filled with many unknown variables.

Translation: you never know when you’ll need to dig something, hammer something or, you know, fight off an irate beaver.

Which explains your search for a tool to handle all the above.

Search, over: meet the Crovel Tactical, the kind of military-style pack shovel to keep on hand during camping (or the zombie apocalypse), available now.

Add this thing to your growing cache of multiuse tools to pack during Emerson-ian sojourns of seclusion and introspection into the thick woodlands of New England. Reason: it’s built for on-the-go earth moving (it weighs only three pounds), it’s made of handsome chromoly steel, and thanks to a sharpened sawtooth edge, you can saw stuff with it (small trees, cooked sausage).

And once you’re done using the flat part as a hammer for finishing that deep-woods sauna, you’ll also want to keep it handy by the travel wet bar. Because it’s got a cutout for opening bottles.

Or you can just use the steel spike on its handle for self-defense against a psychopathic Sasquatch barreling your way. Or you can just throw it at something, because it’s weighted for throwing.

Zombies never see the shovel-attack coming.

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