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Taking It to the Street

Jazz and Fried Chicken in the Design District

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Well, you made it.

You survived the disaster that was the 2012 Miami Marlins.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve a medal.

Or better yet, a new fried-chicken joint.

So open your heart/arms and welcome South Street, a bluesy tavern from the folks behind Gigi with crispy buttermilk bird and the smoothest of jazz, debuting tomorrow in the Design District.

You’ll probably remember that this spot once was Sra. Martinez. (RIP, braised oxtail.) Now, though, it’s decidedly less Spanish and decidedly more South Philly. A Teddy Pendergrass kind of South Philly: sultry purple brick, vintage R&B albums lining the walls and bow-tied waiters serving up Bar Lab–created beverages. Okay, so that last part’s not so Philly, but you’ll allow for creative liberties when it comes to your cocktails.

What you want to do is come here at week’s end and unwind with some live jazz, fried chicken thighs and a tall glass of cognac (or, you know, beer). Make your way to the upstairs lounge and sink into one of their black leather couches. Then, grab an apron-clad waitress and ask for a DIY spiked tea—that’s a carafe of sweet tea and a mini bottle of whiskey. Administer as you see fit.

And for your tea-sipping entertainment: a rotating cast of nightly gospel performances, Motown-spinning DJs and brassy jazz bands.

Let the sax solo wash over you.


South Street
4000 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33137


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