Things to do for September 26, 2012

The Weekender

This Weekend, Someone Feeds You Grapes

Another weekend, another Carmageddon.

Spin the Bottle: Upgraded

Spin the Bottle: Upgraded

CitySip: a wine bar that just got a total upgrade. Including: they’re playing spin the bottle. No, seriously. Every hour of every night for a week, they’re spinning a wine bottle that’ll land on a special—free glass of wine, $1 food—that lasts until the next hour. Make out with whomever.

Sep 28-Oct 4, CitySip, 2150 W Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, 213-483-9463

The Fred Segal Sale Returns

The Fred Segal Sale Returns

Botox touch-ups. Terrible haunted-house movies. The big Fred Segal sale. In LA, these things just keep happening over and over again. You actually look forward to one of them—the one where mountains of clothes are on sale for half off. At least we think that’s the one you’d look forward to.

Sep 28-Oct 14, Fred Segal, 420 and 500 Broadway, Santa Monica

A Very Special Beer-Float Showdown

A Very Special Beer-Float Showdown

You take democracy very seriously. Especially in matters of beer floats. Over at Golden Road this weekend, five solid chefs (from the likes of Short Order, Ray’s and Whist) have teamed up with five breweries to create... five beer floats. You’ll see what each is made of. You’ll vote accordingly. No robocalls required.

If the World Were Ending Sunday...

If the World Were Ending Sunday...

Picture the world coming to an end. Hang on, don’t do that. It’s depressing. Instead: picture the party you’d hit the night before. It would be... wild. Like this end-of-times party from the guys behind Underground Rebel Bingo—expect dancing, extreme debauchery and a “last wish” room where someone feeds you grapes. How’d they know...

Just a Seven-Hour Gatsby Play

Just a Seven-Hour <em>Gatsby</em> Play

The other day, you were reading The Great Gatsby and... okay fine, it’s been awhile. Monday’s the day tickets go on sale for Gatz—a seven-hour-long play using every... single... word from the book. Wouldn’t be the same without one less “egg.” Or “the.”

Tickets on sale Oct 1 (shows Nov 28-Dec 9), Gatz, REDCAT, 631 W 2nd St, Downtown, 213-237-2800

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