The Phoenix

From the Ashes

A Rustic Hall of Bourbon and Billiards

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So weird.

You get distracted for a single weekend and autumn sneaks up to slap you upside the head.

Now everybody’s using strange phrases like “Let me grab a light jacket” and “I demand a cozy beer hall on La Cienega with some antlers and a roaring fire.”

Oddly specific, but okay then...

Rising from the ashes of summer is The Phoenix, an ambling estate of beer and bourbon in the famed former home of the Lodge, opening Wednesday.

Since the infamous Lodge days, you’ve known this place as everything from a kosher steakhouse to a sushi spot fronted by a one-named Japanese model. But now with antlers, stone, fireplaces, potted trees and that unforgettable zigzag ceiling that’s remained in place all this time, it’s feeling like a real lodge in here again. (Trapper hat optional.)

The place is from Adolfo Suaya and Lonnie Moore—think opening days of Dolce—but these days they’re working with the Surly Goat guys, which means excellent things for your beer, Old Fashioneds and steak frites. Arrive with friends, dates and friends’ dates, and gather everybody at a big table somewhere near the fire—if you don’t get sucked into the orbit of the pool table first.

Pool tables have a notoriously strong gravitational pull.


The Phoenix
14 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90211


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