Pie Fidelity

A Warehouse of Pizza in the Old Fourth Ward

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Beer and pizza are good.

Also good: draft wine and pizza, dancing and pizza, and congregating in low-lit corners of a cavernous warehouse while you get better acquainted with your date... and split a pizza.

Well, looks like someone got the memo...

Presenting Ammazza, a massive pizza parlor with two ovens for wood-firing margheritas, a live DJ and multiple bars, opening September 24 in the Old Fourth Ward.

Slice spot meets sexy cocktail lounge meets underground dance club. That’s what this feels like. Wood sourced from an old cotton mill. Lights framed in rolled copper. A DJ booth... that’s across from two wood-fired pizza ovens that are constantly pumping out Spotted Trotter sausage-topped pies.

So between now and the 24th, you’ll want to find a date, take them out twice and tee yourself up to use this place for evening #3. Begin at the front bar. Order a spicy soppressata pizza and head left down a long brick hallway toward the back. Stop when you see a second bar.

That’s where the drinks are. Specifically, that’s where the basil vodka and grape tomato martinis are (that’s one way to do a Caprese salad).

Sip on your cocktail, split up some slices and when you’re finished, look toward the legs... of your humongous 16-foot communal table. You’ll notice wheels. Push the table aside and presto chango, you’ve got a dance floor.

And 14 angry diners.


591-A Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA, 30312


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