Hail to the Yeast

Brewing a Batch of the President’s Beer

None Let’s get this out of the way right now: the president is not giving you two cases of beer in exchange for your vote. That would probably be illegal.

What the president has got for you: recipes for a honey ale and a honey porter, which you may have heard lots of people clamoring for. Now, other people have packaged them up.

Namely, the homebrewing suppliers at Northern Brewer, who are now out with White House Beer Recipe Kits, giving you (almost) everything you need to mimic two cases’ worth of the suds at 1600 Pennsylvania.

This is what you want to order next time you schedule a hatchet-burying beer summit, or if you just want to have something special brewed up with which to play your election-night drinking game.

And fortunately, you won’t need to grow hops on your windowsill, raise a hive of bees for honey or cultivate yeast strains in your bathtub. They do all that for you, box it up and ship it to your door, along with instructions. All you’ll need: a couple big buckets and hoses (essentially).

Once you’ve done things like steeped the grain and aerated the wort (see “instructions,” above), you’ll have to wait about a month while your brew properly ferments, so better get started no later than October 6.

You wouldn’t want to endure a whole night of Chris Matthews sober.


White House Beer Recipe Kits
from Northern Brewer

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