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We have questions.

But we’re not going to ask them.

It’s your business alone why you need a vaguely illicit whiskey joint—nothing fancy, but dimly lit and stocked with the good stuff—located far away from your usual haunts.

Nope, we’re not curious at all. Just here to help.

Take your first look at the deceptively named The Famous, a low-key but intriguing new bar with a deep whiskey list that’s whispering your name, now discreetly open in Glendale.

There’s a 1920s thing happening here, but not in a theme-y way. Just the kind of place that feels like it’s been here awhile. (And it has, sort of. The building’s from 1926.) Follow the brick corridor all the way to the back, past the screen showing old movies, and settle in by the piano. Relax. You’re in Glendale. Way off the street. Away from prying eyes.

And you’re drinking a Live Young Die Fast (gin, basil, lime and black-pepper syrup) with... whoever it is you’re with. Or maybe just something neat with a bunch of coworkers talking shop. If you want a whiskey label that’s usually ordered with the words “... and Coke,” they probably don’t have it. What they do have is a Bunnahabhain 20-year. You should try that.

One more year and it could legally drink itself.

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