Sound Effects

An App That Sends Audio-Encoded Phone Messages

None Chances are, you sent a message or two from your phone today.

And chances are, it was an overall quiet process.

You typed some words, pressed a button and sent a text off into cyberspace without a sound.

Which is a shame...

Because your phone actually has a really beautiful voice.

Behold Chirp, an app that sends and receives private messages (or photos and links) via sound waves, available now.

You know how emailing/texting works (we hope). Well, this is exactly like that. Except instead of shipping your data silently along the information superhighway, your phone is going to speak it. Yup, game changer.

First, you’ll need to download the app. Then, compose an important message (or an important series of emoticons). When you send it, your phone is going to make a sound. Think R2-D2 having an orgasm... actually, maybe don’t. Just think a bunch of rhythmic bleeps and bloops.

If the person you’re trying to contact has the app and is within earshot, their phone will pick up the audio and instantly decode it into text. Or a link. Or a picture. Even if you’re someplace loud and crowded (like the Georgia Dome 50-yard line).

Of course, turning to your left and talking will work, too.

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