Southern Exposure

A Southern Estate on Vine. With Juleps...

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Picture your ideal living room.

There would absolutely be a 19th-century courting couch. Those are cool. It would be near a fireplace or two.

There’s a giant stuffed grizzly. And an ocean of juleps. And...

Actually, it’s pretty much this place.

Welcome to an exclusive guided tour of Sassafras, a freewheeling Southern plantation that’s actually a pretty amazing new Hollywood bar, opening next Friday from the owners of Thirsty Crow and Oldfields.

There’s an inviting front porch and everything—past that, you’ll make yourself at home inside what truly looks like the receiving room of a Southern belle’s estate. The kind of belle who’s likely to invite a live band to play up on the balcony, New Orleans–style, to add a little atmosphere to your evening...

The kind of belle who can fix you some jambalaya and a Toasted Pecan Julep (which involves a housemade toasted-pecan liqueur) or a Sassafras Royal (with rye, sassafras bitters and house-brewed sarsaparilla) any night of the week...

The kind of belle who’s into random tchotchkes, like that big bear and a circular old dry-cleaning rack—only instead of moving pressed shirts it now spins around over the bar, dangling bottles of barrel-aged cocktails you’ll want to try before a beautiful Southern sunrise...

You have to meet this girl...

Bar. You have to meet this bar.


1233 N Vine St
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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