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An Alarm Clock That Takes Pictures

None Pictures.

Some say they’re worth a thousand words.

Nobody says they’re worth a single snooze button.

But that’s also because nobody has ever spliced an alarm clock with a camera phone before.

No idea what took so long...

Introducing Sleep if U Can, an alarm clock app that’ll only turn off after you’ve snapped a few pictures, available now on Android.

On the surface, this is just like a regular old alarm clock (we assume you have some experience with those). The catch: well, there are only two ways to turn it off. 1) By taking a picture of a specific object. 2) By striking it repeatedly with a blunt instrument.

What you’ll want to do is download this now. Then, wait until it’s not a three-day weekend and you need to wake up for something other than a late-afternoon Bloody Mary. Before you go to bed: take a picture with your phone. This can be of anything (cup of coffee, bathroom sink, the summit at Mount Everest). In the morning: your alarm will go off. It’ll be loud. There’ll be no way to snooze or silence it... until you get out of bed and take an exact matching picture of the one you shot last night.

Best if you don’t use a photo of you operating heavy machinery.

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