Drill, Baby, Drill

Like a Corkscrew for Coconuts

None This weekend, at all costs, you’ve got to get to the kind of exotic, serene place where you get a coconut and drink out of it.

Whole Foods totally counts.

So picture it: in one hand, you’ve got your coconut. In the other, you’ve got your straw. But you forgot the machete...

Introducing CocoDrill, the so-stupid-it’s-actually-pretty-genius new device that will help you easily puncture a straw-shaped hole right into a coconut, available now.

Places you might use this thing: a desert island. A weekend tiki party at a rented mansion in the hills. Your kitchen on a random morning when you just want some delicious coconut milk, but your machete is a bit rusty and your delts are a little sore. (Delts: critical muscles for coconut hacking.)

Think of it like a corkscrew, but for a coconut—just punch the drill-type thing in the side, twist it and pop out the circle you just cut. Into the hole goes the straw. Easy. And it’s a bit more travel-friendly than, you know, a large blade.

Now is the time to stock up on tiny umbrellas.

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