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A Military Survival Guide in App Form

None Well, we’re coping, surviving, dealing.

Yep, the end of stone-crab season hit us pretty hard.

Also: Tropical Storm Isaac.

And sure, we got off pretty light on that one, but hey, you can never be too prepared.

For storms. For stone-crab withdrawal. For anything.

Enter Survival Guide, a military handbook app that’ll help you survive if you’re ever stranded in a storm (or the Gables), available now for the iPhone.

So yeah, you never know. And should you somehow find yourself in the middle of the Everglades with nothing but a flask full of scotch and a pair of cufflinks, you’ll now know what to do.

Because what you have here are 19 chapters of the U.S. Army Survival Manual in one handy little app. And it’s loaded with tips for making it through a really tough situation. Like natural disasters or Thanksgiving dinner with in-laws. You’ll learn the basics: how to make soap from animal fat and ashes. Booby-trapping your sleeping area against poisonous snakes. Extracting water from roots and vines. (Water into wine: you’re on your own.)

But say you’re at an ’80s dance-off and your spandexed teammate’s attempt at the running man has suddenly gone horribly wrong. Your move: the Basic Survival Medicine tab, which apparently includes advice for setting a dislocated bone joint back into place.

Makes you wonder what the Deluxe Medicine tab looks like...

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